James Maguire ADI has over 12 years experience at the Heckmondwike and Wakefield test centres. Trained by an ex supervising examiner, he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of modern driving and understands just what it takes to get you through your driving test. You can always expect the following of James as your instructor:

  • Provide training on a one-to-one basis with no other learner in the tuition vehicle
  • Honour the full 60 minutes for each 1 hour lesson and multiples thereof
  • Always conduct training in a professional manner
  • Have the highest standard of personal conduct during the lesson
  • Provide a presentable, modern and properly maintained vehicle on every lesson
  • Always endeavour to be on time at the agreed meeting point
  • Give you 24 hours notice should a lesson need to be rescheduled
  • Recommend or provide free of charge the latest training methods and aids
  • Provide relevant feedback during your lesson and record your progress
  • Monitor your progress, recommend the appropriate time to apply for your practical driving test, and book the test appointment on your behalf